Our tire sealant injector dispenses OKO products with total accuracy and eliminates concerns of both under and over-dosing. Made from medical-grade plastic, the provided connector works on all removable-core valve stems and helps avoid loss of air pressure from leakage. It is designed for repeated use on bicycles, motorbikes, quads, caravans, trailers, and more–allowing for a clean transfer from the product container into the tire.

The tire sealant injector can also be used with lubricants and other liquids found in the workshop. For optimum performance, thorough cleaning of the unit is recommended after each use. If lubricants or other liquors are in the injector, they may contaminate the sealant during future uses.

  • 5 oz (150 ml) calibrated syringe with flexible dispensing tube
  • Enables accurate dosage control and clean injection
  • Includes valve core removal tool and double-thread connector for Presta or Schrader injection
  • Suitable for multiple uses in workshop
  • Reusable for long life

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Wondering how OKO’s tire sealants work? Check out this video that explains how our products work inside the tire and how they extend the life of the tire while preventing punctures and avoiding crashes.