Our heavy-duty, all-alloy drum tire sealant pump with adjustable dosage is a one-time purchase that comes fully assembled, ready for use. Standard and Lifelong versions comes with Schrader valve fittings. Because OKO is water-soluble, the pump washes clean for repeated use.

  • Dosage can be adjusted in 1-1/2 ounce (50 ml) increments up to 8-1/2 ounces (250 ml)
  • Simple tap on the nozzle enables rapid, accurate sealant delivery
  • Delivers at 250 ml per stroke through the valve stem
  • Works against pressure up to 60 psi/4.21 bar

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Wondering how to apply OKO’s tire sealants? Check out this video that shows all of the practical steps to take when applying OKO tire sealants with a tire sealant pump from a drum (in this case into an Off Road construction tire). This video is used and translated by permission of Musach Hatractor Ezra, whose whole fleet of JCB and Manitou vehicles uses OKO Mining Extra Heavy Duty puncture sealant.