Mountain Bike Tire Sealant

mountain bike tire sealant

When mountain bike riders began to go tubeless, with it came the need for an effective tire sealant. But conventional, water-based sealants failed to fulfill their unique demands. The original, latex-based sealants were found to be weak and tended to dry out quickly into rubber lumps. For riders, this resulted in the need for frequent tire replacement. Fortunately, OKO recognized this gap in the market.

Since the introduction of our cutting edge OKO Magic Milk™ Tubeless and  OKO Magic Milk™ Hi-Fiber, we are proud to have made huge strides in the bicycle market. We are now proudly endorsed by the USA’s and the World’s top racing teams. That’s because Magic Milk™ has overcome all the problems associated with conventional, latex “milk” products; our formulation is lighter, stronger and longer-lasting than the competition.

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Mountain Bike Tire Sealants

  • TUBELESS TIRES | OKO Magic Milk™ Tubeless is a synthetic latex-based, super light, liquid tire sealant that seals holes up to 6 mm. It seals sidewalls like no other product and has an effective life of 6 months or more in mild climates. Designed for tubeless ready or full UST tubeless tires.

  • TUBED & TUBELESS TIRES | OKO Magic Milk™ Hi-Fiber is a synthetic latex-based, premium product that seals holes up to 7 mm. It is designed to handle both the high pressures of road race bikes (tubeless, tubed or tubular) and the low pressures of downhill/enduro/gravel racing.

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