Tire Sealant for Specialized Transport

Individuals who are dependent on mobility equipment don’t need the added fear of experiencing a flat tire when out and about. Mobility scooters, motorized wheelchairs, and other types of specialized mobility equipment require effective tire and wheel protection.

OKO Puncture Free Bike is designed for tubed and tubeless tires, which makes it the perfect choice for specialized transport vehicles. Our tire protectant combats thorns and small punctures up to 3/8” in diameter. Your peace of mind is assured by having a virtual tire puncture repair kit that is constantly working for you as you ride.

Ready do experience the OKO difference? Ask you mobility service provider to insert OKO Puncture Free bike tire sealant into your specialized transport tires today!

Mobility Scooters • Motorized Wheelchairs

Mother and child on mobility scooter
Mobility scooter
Women in motorized wheelchair

Mobility Scooter & Wheelchair Tire Sealants

  • PRIMARY CHOICE | OKO Puncture Free Bike is the best, all-purpose tube puncture preventer. Our water soluble formula seals holes in tubes up to 4 mm, has multi-sealing capability, and lasts the life of the tire. Suitable for commuter, folding, urban, e-bikes, and touring bikes.
  • SECONDARY CHOICE | OKO Off Road is used in the toughest environments in the world. Its hallmark is its versatility, with the ability to seal punctures up to 1/2” (12 mm) in diameter in tubeless tires and up to 3/4” (18 mm) in diameter in larger tires.