OKO Magic Milk™ Tubeless Tire Sealant is the industry’s most advanced latex-based, free-flowing liquid tire sealant. It is designed for ‘tubeless ready’ and full UST tubeless tires with Schrader or removable Presta valves.

Mountain bikes share some similarities with other bicycles, but incorporate features that enhance durability and performance in rougher terrain. But as it relates to tires, additional protection is required to prevent setbacks associated with loss of pressure and flats from punctures. OKO’s tubeless tire sealant delivers a superb, unique formulation that is designed to keep you on the trail and in position to cross the finish line in first place!

  • BackPack Pack mini bottle allows for repairs on the trail
  • Seals holes up to 6mm in diameter in tubeless tires
  • Advanced, synthetic latex-based formula seals crevices between bead and rim and is wheel, tire and CO2 friendly
  • Super sticky formulation coats and seals sidewalls like no other products
  • Longer effective life than any competitive product – up to 6 months in mild climates.
  • Works with ‘tubeless ready’ and full UST tubeless wheels/tires with Schrader or removable Presta valves.

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Check out this video made by the UCI World Cup Habitat Mountainbike Team, who use the next-generation OKO Magic Milk™ Tubeless to prevent punctures the whole race long.