OKO Puncture Free Bike, the industry’s best all-purpose bike puncture repair liquid, makes loss of pressure and flats a thing of the past. Our water-based liquid formulation is designed for both tubed and full UST tubeless tires found on commuter, touring, and e-bikes. It is the only preventive tire sealant to be approved and recommended by Tubolito for protection in their lightweight, durable synthetic TPU tubes.

Ever gone out for a leisurely ride on your bike, several miles from home, only to be interrupted by a sudden slowing and loss of control? Of course you have! In fact, we all have. Unfortunately, the dreaded flat happens more frequently than any of us would like and the truth is, it’s never convenient.

  • The best all-purpose, multi-sealing puncture preventer
  • Seals holes in tubes up to 3/8″ (4 mm) in diameter
  • Up to 20% lighter than any competitive product
  • Valve core remover and Schrader filling tube included in every bottle cap

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Wondering how OKO’s bike puncture repair liquid works? Check out this video that explains how our products work inside the tire and how they extend the life of the tire while preventing punctures and avoiding crashes.