Why Is SYNTHETIC Latex Tire Sealant Better?

Unlike the competition, these ‘super sticky’, CO2 & Insert friendly sealants dry in an even layer, allowing them to fully coat the porous sidewalls (no lumps) giving you up to 6 months of use in cool climates. This is 3-6 times longer than natural latex sealants!

Another distinguishing feature is that Magic Milk™ can be topped off (through the valve) with NO need to strip out the old layer. If you do need to clean out the tire, Magic Milk™ peels away easily. As opposed to latex, our products are not harmful to your wheels/rims OR the environment.

Since the introduction of OKO Magic Milk™ Tubeless and OKO Magic Milk™ Hi-Fiber, we are proud to have made huge strides in the bicycle market. Not only are we popular with the recreational biking crowd, we are now proudly endorsed by the USA’s and the World’s top racing teams. That’s because Magic Milk™ has overcome all the problems associated with conventional, latex “milk” products; our formulation is lighter, stronger and longer-lasting than the competition.

When mountain bike riders began to go tubeless, with it came the need for an effective tire sealant. But conventional, water-based sealants failed to fulfill their unique demands. The original, latex-based sealants were found to be weak and tended to dry out quickly into rubber lumps. For riders, this resulted in the need for frequent tire replacement. Fortunately, OKO recognized this gap in the market.

Several top cycling teams who use OKO Magic Milk include US KHS Pro Factory Team as well as the SCOTT-SRAM team featuring American Kate Courtney (2019 Womens World Champion) and Nino Schurter (2021 Mens World Champion and leading the way again in 2022).

Riders using inner tubes, common to e-bikes, commuter and touring bikes, also get the best protection performance with the lowest weight from OKO Puncture Free Bike tire sealant.


Which Bike Tire Sealant is Best For You?

Magic Milk™ Hi-Fiber race sealant is a premium product, designed to deal with both the high pressures of road race bikes (tubeless, tubed or tubular): and also the unique pressures of downhill racing. CO2 & Insert friendly. Magic Milk™ Hi-Fiber: the choice of leading World Cup contenders including the Men’s and Women’s MTB World Champions.

OKO Magic Milk™ Tubeless is a step forward for latex-based free-flowing mtb tire sealants. It is designed for tubeless tires (also usable in tubes: for maximum puncture proofing in tubes we recommend OKO Puncture Free Bike or OKO X-Treme The “low-fat™” tire sealant, it is super-light, with a dose of 30-120ml per tire in most road, mountain & downhill bikes, depending on size.

OKO X-Treme Dirt Bike was specifically formulated to PROTECT YOUR TUBES FROM the toughest terrain, combat snake bites, improve traction, and always delivers a winning ride. now ride and race with peace of mind. Say goodbye to mousse once and for all and say hello to the world’s strongest and best performing OFF-ROAD motorcycle and MTB bicycle tubed tire sealant.

OKO Puncture Free Bike, the industry’s best all-purpose bike puncture repair liquid, makes loss of pressure and flats a thing of the past. Our water-based liquid formulation is designed FOR tubed tires on commuter, touring, and e-bikes. the only preventive tire sealant to be approved and recommended by Tubolito for protection in their lightweight, durable synthetic TPU tubes.

How Do Tire Sealants Work?

OKO Tire Sealant is injected into your tubeless tire or inner tube via the valve stem before a puncture occurs. OKO remains in liquid form inside the tire, ready to provide lasting protection against punctures that may occur in the tread area. When a puncture occurs, air pressure forces your chosen sealant into the hole while the vehicle is moving, forming a permanent, airtight seal that instantly stops tire deflation. In short, OKO seals the hole as you ride!

There are many competitors in the market, but none compare to OKO Tire Sealants.

Our track record of excellence is based upon both independent institutional research testing and tough, real-world product trials. Our products always perform as claimed, and in fact achieve BETTER results than the competition with less product application!

All Puncture Sealants are NOT Created Equal. Choose OKO.


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